Mysecuretabs Review – Trustworthy Web Drugstore Network You Should Use

My Secure Tabs, a network of interconnected online pharmacies, one of the go-to websites of consumers all over the world when it comes to generic medicines. There is nothing unusual about My Secure Tabs at first glance, but as we dig deeper, we discover that network online pharmacies are not the same as independently operating online pharmacies.

Unlike independent online pharmacies, network pharmacies, as their name implies, are interconnected online drugstores working for a single company. Network pharmacies look the same as its co-members and are not actually the ones processing orders for the consumers—though buyers may place their orders at network pharmacy members, these specific online drugstores are not the ones processing their orders. Network pharmacies like shops involved in My Secure Tabs merely collect the buyer orders then eventually forward these orders to the main website. The main website, on the other hand, sends the information to its international drugstore partners for shipping.

Network drugstores like My Secure Tabs have been around for years and will continue to thrive because they are lucrative for business owners. They are easy to maintain and are no-hassle to use by customers; however, they are also hot with illegal operators trying to pass as actual members of these online pharmacy networks.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

In order to make sure that the network My Secure Tabs is legitimate, we checked web sources that would possibly have reviews for the platform. Here are several reviews we were able to locate for the network Mysecuretabs:

Mysecuretabs Reviews

According to one customer, the network had all the products he needed and had excellent prices for them as well. This was no surprise considering the Mysecuretabs network offers a wide range of medicines for a plethora of uses, including peculiar medicines with limited local availability.

One client thanked My Secure Tabs for its effective erectile dysfunction drug. According to him, the drug worked great and it was effective enough to help him please his wife.

Another consumer thanked the My Secure Tabs network for offering low-cost prices for his medicines. He even recommended the use of this drugstore since he’s had successful orders from this store in the past years—according to his review, he’s had four successful orders on My Secure Tabs.

Mysecuretabs Online

Consumers flocked the My Secure Tabs stores because they are reliable and were able to provide them whatever meds they needed for their medical conditions. We paid several My Secure Tabs stores a visit so we could put a finger on its caliber—since the stores were members of the same online drugstore network, they were all with the same contents and have only varied in their web addresses.

We noticed that My Secure Tabs was plain-looking, but the network made sure to include a huge number of medicines on its platform. Buyers were able to find medicines like impotence treatments, heart care medicines, skincare products, diabetes medicines, depression meds, and plenty others, all grouped according to the respective medical conditions they are relevant to. Medicines found on My Secure Tabs stores are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are therefore high quality and safe to use. Consumers are not required to provide their prescriptions for their medicines but are encouraged to check in with their doctors first before resolving to use any drug from the network.

International clients are the ones catered to by the My Secure Tabs network. Even if this is the case, the shipping fees are uniform (only $10 for the regular shipping and $20 for the express shipping) and do not depend on the target country. In some cases where buyers are able to meet several conditions, free shipping is granted.

As for payments, consumers may use their VISA and MasterCard credit cards to fund their payments. Consumers can expect safe payments using My Secure Tabs granted that the network stores are all with industry level SSL security to ward off scammers.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

Concerning My Secure Tabs deals, buyers are given coupon discounts and other great deals by My Secure Tabs. Here’s My Secure Tabs’ current voucher code:

My Secure Tabs Voucher Code

According to the information above, consumers may use the code IT-4752 upon checkout to avail of an additional 10% discount on their order. This is My Secure Tabs’ way of thanking its faithful clients for the trust and their patronage for the network.

My Secure Tabs Bulk Order Discounts

Aside from offering seasonal voucher codes, the My Secure Tabs network is also offering several other discounts to their consumers. One example is the bulk order discount, where consumers with larger orders are given lower prices for their meds. Take Doxycycline for one—customers may save up to $200 when choosing My Secure Tabs for their Doxycycline orders.

Besides this, consumers are also granted other forms of discounts like free shipping, free pills, and loyalty bonuses.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

Buyers may use the following numbers to reach out to My Secure Tabs in case of questions:

  • UK customers should dial 4420 3230 7092
  • US customers should dial 1 718 487 9792

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

My Secure Tabs has not been involved in any scam or spam activity and this is proved by the lack of evidence (reviews) online. Only good comments are accessible for My Secure Tabs, which means that it is a truly dependable network.


My Secure Tabs has been around for long and it will be for another decade considering its efficient service and excellent products. Our verdict for My Secure Tabs is 5 out of 5 and we recommend its use to consumers considering purchasing their medicines from trustworthy online drugstores.