How To Judge The Ovarian Cancer Is In The Early Period Or The Later Period?

The ovarian cancer is one of female reproductive organs common tumors, the disease incidence rate is only inferior to the carcinoma of cervix. But the ovarian cancer causes the mortality rate, actually resides in each kind of gynecology department tumor the first place, poses the threaten seriously to the woman life. Because the ovarian cancer clinical early time symptomless, distinguishes its organization type and the good malignancy is quite difficult.

So how to judge the ovarian cancer is in the early period or the later period?

1. Ovarian cancer’s incipient symptoms

As a result of the ovary located at the pelvic cavity depth portion, the morbidity early time may not have or have the light symptom, may display in: The distension of the abdomen, backache, the painfully swollen either ill, the girth of paunch increases, the constipation, tired, frequent micturition or the urgency of urination, cannot eat food normally, reason unclear lose weight.

Because the ovarian cancer is relatively rare, possibly will not think of the ovarian cancer to the principal claim for the distension of the abdomen and constipation patient primary health care doctor. The expert reminds, if the woman has this group of symptoms, doctor should think that ovarian cancer’s possibility, and further makes supersonic or inspections and so on CT.

2. Ovarian cancer’s later period symptom

1) Sometimes under the early side of the abdominal discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen there is a sense of falling.

2) A sense of abdominal swelling, as the rapid tumor growth in the short term there may be bloating, abdominal mass and ascites. Only a small tumor in the pelvic examination can be found gradually grow beyond the pelvic mass, abdominal mass can be touched.

3) Symptoms of oppression: When the tumor to the surrounding tissue infiltration or nerve compression, which can cause abdominal pain, low back pain or sciatica, oppression pelvic veins, lower limb edema occur; huge bladder tumors can be oppressive, there are frequent, difficult urination, urinary retention; Rectum oppression is difficult stool; oppression gastrointestinal symptoms of the digestive tract there; oppression can occur diaphragm breathing difficulties and can not Lateral Horizontal.

4) Due to the rapid tumor growth, malnutrition and physical wasting, the formation of cachexia.

5) As a result of the transfer of cancer and the emergence of symptoms, ovarian cancer rarely cause pain, such as tumor rupture, bleeding or infection or due to the infiltration of adjacent organs of oppression can cause abdominal pain, low back pain.